“What was once within me is now burns bright like a shining star”

At the CEC workshops, I ignited my purpose of being alive.  There is only a finite time that we all walk on this earth.  I found through my journey here that every second is precious and that I can truly step into a world of conscious living.    I now have a clear path to forward in my life and strive for my goals and dreams.
My path to elevate all aspects of myself and those I love.

Along this road for the past 2 years, I’ve created deep connections with so many beautiful people and formed an authentic fulfilling relationship with myself.   I have stepped out of the vague uncertainty of who I am and into whatever I choose to be and create next for myself.  Because I know now that power is in my hands.  It’s within us all.

-Hitesh Patel (2014)
Discovery, Transformation, Leaders Journey, Grace Revealed, Ectasy of Relationships, Quantum Mastery

“Anyone can go through life without these trainings…but why would you want to?”

Life after these trainings is fuller and richer and more vibrant. You see the beauty in everyone and everything (especially yourself) after you Discover, Transform and Lead.
My life and my approach to all in life truly has not been the same since I participating in the trainings. I have truly discovered and have been connected with my values and all I can accomplish simply when I choose to do so. If there is ever any doubt on any day of the year, or a dark cloud appears in my sunny sky, I have loads of beautiful souls that have done these trainings to connect with to remind me of the beauty and blossom of life.
Give yourself the gift of a full and fulfilled life….live life to the fullest, and see how CEC and this beautiful community of amazing people from all walks of life can support you in reaching your goals in all areas of your life!
Johanna Krukowska (2013)

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

This quote by Mark Twain resonates with my experience at CEC. It was through Discovery & Transformation trainings that I found out why I was born! I finally shed what was holding me back from leading the extraordinary life that I always felt deep within me was available to me. In Leaders Journey, I came to truly understand the power of possibility and elevated my life from surviving to thriving. I have created authentic relationships with myself, my family, and my community. After 22 years in Financial Services, I’ve taken the leap to transition to a fulfilling career where I truly make a difference. I am truly grateful to CEC for supporting my journey to inner peace harmony freedom abundance & love. The best is yet to come…

Paula Jennings (2015)

“I finally said yes… and it changed my everything!”

In October of 2014, I finally said yes to Discovery. To discovering who I really am. To face the choices I’ve made in my life and really understand why I made those choices. In addition to knowing which choices serve me in my life and which ones do not. I became utterly aware of how I am showing up in this world and then I was able to choose how to navigate through my life in a way that really leads me to what I want in life. Hurdles became speed bumps and fear became joy and passion for what I really do want out of life.
Since doing this work, I have created the most authentic beautiful relationships with my mother, my brother, my ex-husband, my children and all I come in contact with. I not only live in a world where anything is possible, but I take the steps to make that possibility a reality. I am able to be more focused on my goals my work, my family and my world. For the first time in many years, I am truly happy!
Maria Hamdani (2014)


One of the most profound trainings I have ever taken (being in the corporate world I have taken plenty including the Landmark forum). With each level of the training, I discovered new possibilities for creating a life of no regrets. The tools from the workshops have supported me in creating extraordinary results in all areas of my life – family, relationships, work, recreation, health and community service. There isn’t an area of my life that hasn’t been touched and transformed. Its a curriculum for life. I am grateful that someone cared enough about me to invite me to enroll in the training.

-HS, IT Project Manager (2013)
Discovery, Transformation, Leadership Journey.

“Life is abundant & ANYTHING is possible!”

Since 2013, CEC has supported me in completely shifting the focus of my life. Never in saying yes to a friend to “try this workshop” did I realize the INCREDIBLE results I would begin to generate in my life! Since participating in CEC’s workshops, I’ve transitioned careers, developed brilliant and rich relationships, overcome personal loss when my parents passed away, created new businesses of my own, and crossed out countless bucket list items. Most of all, I truly feel peaceful, happy, and in LOVE with my life and the people in it! My life is forever transformed, and I am deeply grateful to CEC NY for its support throughout my personal journey. Life is abundant!

Jonathan McPhee (2014)

“I have gone from having a good life to having a GREAT life!”

Discovery and Transformation workshops have had a profound impact on every aspect of my life – I have reconnected with parents and brothers after 20 years, created greater intimacy with my partners, developed powerful, meaningful & sustainable connections with friends, co-workers, neighbors and people in my community. I have an enhanced sense of confidence and productivity at work, connection and belief in myself and my vision for what I want and who I want to be,  I have the power and passion and commitment to contribute and succeed at it all. I have gone from having a good life to having a GREAT life.

Abundance. Love. Freedom.

Martha O’Brasky (2015)
Discovery, Transformation, Leadership Journey.

“Trusting an almost stranger and signing up for discovery was the turning point of my life. I finally feel free.”

Prior to taking Discovery, I was completely lost in life. I was struggling to pick up the pieces of my life and was stuck in a rut. It was as if I was in a car that was stuck in mud and it didn’t matter how much I tried to accelerate, the wheels would spin and I wouldn’t go anywhere.

Discovery changed that. I walked out of discovery empowered, energized and with a vision for my life. My car was out of the mud and I was accelerating at 100 miles per hour! I still am today. I went on to transformation and am now doing Leadership Journey. Trusting an almost stranger and signing up for discovery was the turning point of my life. I finally feel free.

Mariya Ali (2015)
Discovery, Transformation, Leadership Journey

“Discovery helped me realize who I want to become!”

Have you ever wanted answers on how to live your life, but in the end the answers were with you the whole time, but someone had to help you find them? This is want CEC has done for me. Having a place in my life that I’m happy with and support people to find that in themselves as well. Life is beautiful. Not sad, about fear, violence, destruction and hate…. What you want for yourself, will also end up how you want the world to be. Free, happy, pretty, together, worth living, community , family, love , and breath of fresh air. Life is a pizza pie, and CEC is simply the toppings and ingredients on it to support you to making it delicious and desirable. This work is truly a miracle in my life!!!! And so are the people that brought you here today.

Discovery helped me discover how to deal with day to day life. People, family and work life. It helped me realize who I want to become and change my ways of being.

Transformation supported me to give up the past that weighed me down and never served me to keep that weight with me. I’m transforming into a person I’ve always wanted to be but was never motivated and afraid to become.

Leadership journey gave me benefits on how to use the tools I’ve learned in order to put my vision to work and have it become reality.

-Augustina Martaux (2015)
Discovery, Transformation, Leaders Journey, Grace

“This work is one that you can carry with you for life if you choose to truly commit and take this on. With risks there are gifts. How far will you jump to have it all?”

The journey that is possible for people through CEC is one that has given me an opportunity to re-create who I am as a person (in every aspect of my life) as well as opened my eyes to see the beautiful and endless opportunities my life has to offer. The work done here is more than a workshop or class, for it is a journey filled with intention to have you experience a breakthrough in whatever that process is… authentically. Working with a team that always seems to be the perfect bunch for one another, participants find a bond in this work to reveal their ability to give, love, empower, inspire, risk, collaborate as well as become vision driven people. This process is one that gives you tools by experiential learning to become the best version of yourself, achieve whatever you wish in this life of yours, as well as gifts you with the family of graduates and the future graduates to be in partnership with. This work is one that you can carry with you for life if you choose to truly commit and take this on.My journey has been one where I have gone though the process myself to being constant contribution back to the center, as well as been a coach through the whole entire process and now a captain of the coaches to be in partnership as well as develop them through the last 90 day process referred to as “Leaders Journey”. The work has given me an opportunity to love, to step into my power, to find the sacredness in everyone and everything, as well as has graced me with the most beautiful friendships that I could ever wish for. As I continue to be of service in the work, the gifts that step into my life are more gratifying than anything else I’ve experienced in my life. I, again and again, am astonished by the continued opportunities that this work brings: for the growth never ends, my relationship with risk has become intimate, the fog continues to clear, walls crash down, the power I have found continues to grow, my courage is vast and abundance has graced my life in every way possible. With risks there are gifts. How far will you jump to have it all?

-Stephanie Guttenplan (2014)
Discovery, Transformation, Leaders Journey, Grace

“What a wonderful world for both you and me”

Thank you for Discovery,
As it has given me wealth,
A priceless gift of mental health,
With an interpretation that has changed,
It can take us so far,
So much further than the fanciest car,
My emotions came out, even cried on the floor,
A healing process and an open door,
When the context has changed and you learn to BE,
Everyone will get a four and never a three,
So spread my word for I have come,
From pain and sorrow and being numb,
To a place so peaceful the whole world should see,
What a wonderful world for both you and me.

-Paul Lambrakis, (2009)
Discovery,Transformation, Leadership

“Before I saw life with limits….. Today I see life with endless possibilities!”

My experience taking these classes has been remarkable. Not only has is impacted my life but also the people around me. Upon going into Discovery I made a decision to listen intently with an open mind, heart and soul. I received more than I could have ever imagined.

Before~I loved.
Today~I love with Passion.

Before~I spoke with fear of being judged.
Today~I speak with confidence, and no fear of judgement.

Before~I saw life with limits.
Today~see life with endless possibilities.

Before~I lived in the past and tomorrow.
Today~I live in the Now (this has been extraordinary)

Before~I was shy.
Today~my confidence  has no room for shyness.

Before~I did because I had to.
Today~I do because I choose to.

Before~I blamed others for my life.
Today~I take full responsibility for what I create.

Before~I gave up on my dreams.

-Emmie (2009)
Discovery,Transformation, Mastery, The Power of Be-Do-Have , Matrix

“I no longer need a resume of accomplishments to be proud of who I am.”

Prior to my involvement with CEC I often defined my self-worth by my accomplishments. I looked to my grades, my job, and my possessions to affirm that I am a smart or successful man. I constantly chased new goals to further prove that I am powerful or capable. I lacked pride and confidence and used external goals to prove that I had value. The race to prove something to myself had left me angry, anxious and unhappy. Nothing I had created was ever good enough because I was not fulfilled with who I was. While taking the Discovery workshop I began to realize that my GPA and possessions were merely a result of my potential and power and not what makes me worthy of love or esteem. I no longer need a resume of accomplishments to be proud of who I am. I wake up with a sense of peace and dignity which is only attributable to true self love, not love of my bank account or my job title. I now create extraordinary results in my life not because I am desperate to prove my worth but because I choose to share the amazing man that I am.

My commitment and contribution to CEC’s work has allowed me to discover the simplicity and ease of self-love and self-acceptance. The beauty I see within myself allows me to easily recognize beauty and magnificence in others. Thankfully, the tools provided by CEC allow me to consistently uncover a foundation of peace, power, love, excitement, and happiness in mine and my loved ones lives.

-Evan S., 23, Financial Analyst (2009)
Discovery,Transformation, Mastery, Leadership

“Life, after Transformation is truly extraordinary!!!!!”

Discovery:  (January 2008)

It was a “weekend” of self-understanding and awareness, something that I did not realize I had lost, many, many years before.  Discovery allowed me to recognize why I made the choices I did and how patterns developed. It helped me to see why I was always “busy”, seemingly spinning in circles, not getting anywhere.  It allowed me to see so clearly that I was so conditioned to reacting to life, circumstances, and situations.  I had lost my sense of self.  I had no idea that things could be different, because I was not aware of the tools, and did not have the understanding how to get there, or to even know that there was a “there”.  The decision to take Discovery was one of the most gratifying decisions of my life, and best of all, my husband participated in the program with me.1

Transformation:   (January 2008)

It was the workshop that made the difference, as it taught us how to apply all we “discovered” to our real lives.   It helped me to let go of anxiety, fear, frustration…it brought my husband and I to a deeper level of understanding and respect for one another. There seems to be an unspoken language that exists after one goes through Discovery and Transformation, and it stays with us even today. We share it with one another, and the many that have traveled this path with us.   What an amazing journey to now live a life that is more peaceful. I can respond rather than react. I can be totally present with people.  When I am “with” others from the core of my sole, rather than the business of my mind, it is truly amazing. There is a new meaning to relationships, to nature, to ones self. There is respect, and just more possibilities than ever before.  Opinions are just that, and I am no longer torn apart or held back because of them. Life, after Transformation is truly extraordinary!!!!!

Mastery:   (May 2008)

The Mastery course brought Discovery and Transformation full circle. It adds to the wonder of all that is around us.  It brings you to a higher level of life as you know it, and only there can you find the unimaginable. I will not elaborate on this as it is nearly impossible.  It is to be experienced.

When I think back to January 3rd 2008, I can not believe the year has passed.  I never expected to be faced with breast cancer or the loss of my Dad last year. You never know what “life” has in store for you.  These workshops can be such core ingredients that can assist anyone, at any age, to accomplish any thing imaginable.  And to continue long after your classes are over.  I never thought it possible until I experienced it all myself.   I am grateful to have had the honor of being in your workshops.

This work will be with me for the rest of my life and I am eternally grateful to Haleh for having the courage, stamina and belief to bring CEC to NY, to my entire Staff and Staff Support for their never ending support, love, time and dedication to perfect strangers, and to my beautiful CEC family, especially my husband, as you are the ones who I travel with every day, in my heart.

-Kim Sparaco, 49, Independent Consultant, VP of Operations
Discovery, Transformation, Mastery

“This work has completely transformed my life, my husband’s life and therefore our child’s life.”

It was with mild trepidation that I took my seat that first Thursday evening of the Discovery Workshop. What began as a fluke became an exuberant journey full of new and endless possibilities for me.  I walked into that room a bruised flower whose petals had shed and by the end of the Transformation workshop, I left a powerful woman who had discovered peace and light at the end of the tunnel.  The value of the work became undeniably clear.

Having completed my battle with cancer just 30 days prior to the Discovery Workshop, recovery and closure to that chapter in my life seemed unattainable. This work proved otherwise. These workshops created a bubble of possibility in which I was able to try on new opinions and experiment with fresh behaviors.

This work has completely transformed my life, my husband’s life and therefore our child’s life. I often find myself wondering, ‘What if I never stumbled upon CEC and this work? Where would I be right now?’ The truth is that CEC and the work it stands for, helped me, a cancer survivor finally learn how to live my life. I feel an overwhelming desire to give away what I have gained which is why I choose to remain in this space of growth, love & breakthroughs.  As for the woman who enrolled me, I am eternally indebted to you….

-Roula Zogopoulos, 32, Teacher (2009)
Discovery, Transformation, Mastery, Matrix

“Love and excitement are now so present in my life!”

I’m not one to embark on self discovering journeys. I don’t make leaps of faith and until recently, I considered myself immune to anything that remotely resembled a breakthrough. Meditation puts me to sleep and yoga bores and frustrates me.

I reluctantly agreed to enroll myself in the Discovery Workshop and had no expectations. For four days, I lived an unforgettable experience. It was a roller coaster of life. The interactions that took place within the class led me to some life transforming realizations.

This work has led me to believe that there is no relationship too dead to be revived and no love too cold to be warmed. I was touched, moved and inspired. I left the workshop with a number of practical tools that continue to improve the quality of my life. As a result, my relationship and communication with my wife of 9 years has reached levels that I never thought possible. Love and excitement are now so present in my life. And my six year old son reaps the benefit of our interactions.

-Chris Zogopoulos, 42, Teacher (2009)
Discovery, Transformation, Mastery, Matrix

“My relationship and communication with my husband and my four children has gone to an indescribable level.”

Taking CEC’s workshops has opened new doors for me that I did not know existed. It gave me a chance to see a whole new viewpoint about life. Like spring cleaning for my house, I can easily clean the rooms of my mental house by getting rid of the garbage in it. I don’t punish myself now because someone hurt me in the past. I learned to love myself. I also realized that I had often taken care of others at my own life’s expense. I experienced how my mothering of the whole world was depriving me and my loved ones from a well rounded life.

My relationship and communication with my husband and my four children who have also practiced the work has gone to an indescribable level. The tools this work has given me has aided me in discovering my true self and evolving every day.

CEC has inspired me to envision a world where this workshop is being taught in high schools. I believe all of our young adults can learn to approve of themselves and discover that only our belief in deficiencies and limitations is what limits us.

I now know that I am the power and authority of my life and if it is to be it is up to me!

-Sussan S., Real Estate Broker (2009)
Discovery, Transformation, Mastery, Matrix

“Absolutely a life changing experience!!!”

Hey NEW YORK, or should I write, HEY WORLD!!!   I am fortunate to say that I enrolled myself into three of the workshops that the CEC offers, Discovery/Transformation and Mastery.  When the question is posed to me, “What have the workshops offered you and provided for you?”, I first think, WOW that is a great question, that is really a great question.  Then I realize I can answer that in so many different ways.

If it were possible to answer that question in five words or less I would respond with…


If it were possible to answer it in four words or less…I would say:

“I make a DIFFERENCE!!!”

Had the challenge been proposed to respond in three words or less, I’d respond,


These workshops taught me tools to bring to life those responses.  Discovery, Transformation and Mastery combined have brought me an immeasurable amount of vision where there were very real blocks prior.  The work in the workshops handed me the keys to the doors that were once the problems in my life.  Being COACHABLE has taken on a completely NEW meaning and that in turn has created NOTHING but SPACE in my life to BE and CREATE my dreams!!!

CEC and its workshops have provided me with some of the worlds’ greatest coaches.  If success and victory is something you dream of and enjoy relishing in, I recommend this LIFE work to you.  In two words or less; I AM!!!! And to close with one word; BE!

Thank you CEC for all the love, respect and professionalism!

-Dr. John Balsamo, 37, Chiropractor (2008)
Discovery, Transformation, Mastery

“For the very first time, I could be my unique self!”

Over the summer of 2006, my parents took the Consulting and Educational Center’s workshops. Upon completion, the level of peace and happiness in our home reached a level I had never known could exist. I was curious to ascertain what it was that brought such harmony into our lives. As a result, I decided to take the workshops myself in October of that same year.

Prior to the workshops, the biggest obstacle I encountered was fear; more specifically, the fear of judgment and failure.  The mere thought of talking to a group of strangers would make me cringe. I now realize however, that fear is a normal additive to life; symbolizing that there are new, sometimes extraordinary things to face.

The most interesting realization for me was that everything I ever wanted was right in front of me; I just needed to open my eyes and be more in tune with my feelings in order to realize it. The key was just to trust myself; I discovered that just being me is enough. My serendipitous courage and epiphany made me realize that for my entire life, I had been fighting myself. My own mind and asinine sense of judgment was the source of discontent in my life. Once I finally acknowledged this fact, it was as if every single shackle that had been keeping me enslaved within myself was immediately dissolved. The road to indifference to what others thought was finally being paved. For the very first time, I could be my unique self, and I’ve never relished anything as much. I can’t help but always think about what Michelle Branch, a favorite musician of mine, once said: “Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy mixed up world?”

This new outlook was introduced to me at such a perfect time in my life; a few months later I began my studies at NYU. I’m not one to trust others very quickly but I found myself opening my heart to people I had just met, and who two years later I now consider like family.

The aforementioned experiences resulted in my decision to volunteer as a staff member, in order to help others have the same experience I had. While still continuing on this journey of self discovery I constantly encounter questions that foster more growth. The constant questioning of society continues to instigate new creative alternatives in my life. It is hard for me to give a definite proclamation of who I am; my identity unfolds every day as my experiences grow. I am 19 years old and life has a lot of unfolding to do.  The path to finding is a long and exciting one, but one thing I know is I will ALWAYS be my own person.

-Emily S., 19 (2007)
Discovery, Transformation, Mastery & Matrix

“I am grateful for the ability to shift my perceptions, and in so doing, shift the direction of my journey to destinations desired.”

I entered Discovery Workshop in the summer of 2008 at the insistent urging of a dear and trusted friend. I had no expectations or preconceived notions as to the process, purpose or outcome of the workshop. An open mind was the only object I carried as I walked through the doors into a world that I had never known existed. The irony is that the world had existed all the time. It was within me.

Through Discovery Workshop and the subsequent workshops (Transformation & Mastery), I was introduced to a Being that had been a stranger to me all my life, myself. Through the workshops, I discovered the reasons I made the choices in my life that both negatively and positively affected me. I discovered why and how I chose to relive the patterns of my life that were destructive, or at least, not constructive. It was not until Discovery Workshop that I would be able to state, with certainty and acceptance, that I matter. But it is not within the context of selfishness that I matter. It is within the context of compassion, for all that I matter matters not if I cannot help others to recognize the same.

My life has changed in ways I never imagined possible. I do not, for a moment, ignore the imperfections of my life. They have always been there and always will. Now, however, the imperfections do not define me. Instead, I am defined by my perfections and address the imperfections with acceptance and understanding that allows them to be a manageable part of my life, not my whole life. I am grateful for the ability to shift my perceptions, and in so doing, shift the direction of my journey to destinations desired.

It is impossible to convey, in words, the experiences, insights and awareness I now possess as a result of participating in CEC’s workshops. Words can describe feelings, yet fall short of their intended purpose. Each of us has feelings within us that lie dormant, buried or denied. I am grateful to Haleh, and all who selflessly give of themselves for the enhancement of others.

-Wayne Meyers (2009)
Discovery, Transformation, Leaders Journey, Mastery & Matrix

“The smallest things used to bother me…”

Two years ago, one of my good friends referred me to the CEC workshops.  Since then my life has changed dramatically.  I have gained a much better understanding of self and the people around me.  My relationship with my father and sister is deeper than ever.  I am a lot more complete with the loss of my mother.  And, although she is not in this world anymore, my relationship with her and appreciation of who she was is also deeper than ever.

Before I used to react to situations.  The smallest things used to bother me, make me uncomfortable, and take away from my peace.  Now I have learned how to interact and deal with different situations and enjoy winning in life.

I have recognized how fragile childhood is and how the smallest of incidents impact the rest of your entire life.  Even more importantly, I have learned to let go of a lot of pains associated with my childhood experiences which used to control my way of thinking and every day life as an adult.  As a result, I have created a new way of thinking and a new way of looking at life, and recognizing how peaceful and beautiful life really is. As a single male, I can say I will choose my partner in life based on the new me, and not based on my shortcomings.  Therefore, I can cherish my partner in marriage for a lifetime.

Today, I have gained an inner peace which I never had before in life, and I can say that I wish I had started these workshops a long time ago. Knowing what I know today, I recommend everyone choose to impact his or her own life and open new possibilities for the future.


“Experience how it feels to be ALIVE every day!”

I started attending the CEC workshops in order to overcome my depression due to my father’s tragic death.  Not only did I become okay with my father’s death, I also gained a new perspective of life.  Prior to attending the workshops, I just lived day-to-day but didn’t really know HOW to live life. The workshops opened new doors for me and gave me the opportunity to see the light and experience how it feels to be ALIVE every day. I came to the realization that once you get to know the person inside you (your true self), your vision and understanding of life broadens. My relationship with myself and everyone around me (including my husband, children, friends, and even strangers) has been influenced significantly.  I find my relationships to be more powerful, meaningful, peaceful, and much more beautiful than ever before.  What I gained from CEC’s workshops are irreplaceable and I find the value to be limitless.


“I overcame my fears!”

CEC’s workshops have allowed me to overcome my fears, be able to love myself and be able to receive and feel love — something I was not able to do before.  As a result, my relationship with my son is closer than ever. I am very grateful to CEC and its team for creating new possibilities in my life.


“I have come to realize that there is no limit to what I can achieve.”

I used to think I knew everything I needed to know about relationships and about myself to be happy.  Once I started attending the CEC workshops, I realized that all along I had my eyes closed to other possibilities that existed for me in life.  That no matter how great or how happy I may be, there is always room for improvement and personal growth.  I realized my presence makes a difference, and, for the first time ever, I experienced that “if it is to be, it’s up to me.”  I can’t rely on others to bring me happiness or satisfaction in life; I am responsible for my happiness and must create it myself.  I have come to realize that there is no limit to what I can achieve and what I can contribute to others. Today I stand as the powerful, loving, happy and beautiful woman that I am, and I believe in myself more than ever before.

Having attended several of CEC’s workshops, I not only must acknowledge CEC, but also the trainers for their insight and commitment to each and every one of the students. I truly believe that he has a gift, which makes his workshops extraordinary.